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Rental Agreement


Black Hills Retreats

PO Box 56

Hill City, SD 57745


Thank you for choosing the ______________________ for your Black Hills Vacation. Please take a moment to print the agreement below and return to Black Hills Retreats PO Box 56 Hill City, SD 57745, or email to The check in instructions along with detailed directions to the cabin will be provided via email approximately 1 week prior to your arrival. Please return your rental agreement within 7 days to avoid cancellation of your reservation.


This agreement is between Black Hills Retreats and _________________ who will be referred to as "Guest" in this lease agreement.

The undersigned Guest agrees to the following conditions of occupancy: Please initial each statement and sign at bottom after confirming arrival date, etc.

1. Guest understands that Black Hills Retreats is solely acting as the rental agent for the property owner and that Guest is gaining usage of the property only through a license to use and is not gaining any interest in the property. The term of occupancy begins ____________ with departure on ____________. Reservation is booked for these dates only; no date changes or subletting is allowed. No refunds will be given for no shows, late arrivals or early departures. ________

2. Cancellations must be received at least 60 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. The balance of ______ is due at this time. You will be sent a reminder prior to the due date. If payment is not received cancellation of your reservation and forfeiture of your deposit will occur. Reservations cancelled prior to this deadline will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee of $100.00. The cancellation deadline for your reservation is ____________. No refunds will be allowed after the cancellation deadline. ________

3. Guest will not have more than the number of adults and children listed to occupy the _____________________occupancy will be ___. If these maximums are broken, Black Hills Retreats has the right to ask that you vacate the rental immediately. NO REFUNDS will be given._______

4. Guest understands that there are NO PETS allowed in the rentals or on the premises. YOU WILL BE ASSESSED A FINE OF $750 FOR PROFESSIONAL CLEANING IF EVIDENCE OF A PET IS FOUND and you will be immediately asked to vacate the property and will forfeit the rental fee. _____

5. Guest understands that NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE RENTAL. YOU WILL BE ASSESSED A FINE OF $750 FOR PROFESSIONAL CLEANING IF EVIDENCE OF SMOKING IS FOUND and you will be asked to immediately vacate the property and will forfeit the rental fee. All cigarette butts shall be disposed of in the proper receptacles which are provided for your convenience outside the Rental. Failure to abide may result in an additional FEE OF $250 BEING CHARGED FOR CLEANUP. _________

6. Guest shall respect the owners’ property. Do not move furniture or allow children to jump on furniture. If a gaming system or other device is connected please leave the TV connected in the original manner it was found. If maintenance personnel are called to correct these problems Guest will be charged a $100 fee. _________

7. Guest understands the rental is located in the National Forest Service Fire Protection District. Fireworks, bonfires and fire pits are prohibited. Guest agrees to observe all fire safety guidelines set by the National Forest Service. Be aware if you start a forest fire you are financially responsible. _________

8. Guest understands that there are no tents or campers allowed on the property._____

9. Guest shall be responsible for any item damaged whether the damage was accidental, intentional or the result of negligence. Guest is responsible for any item removed from the premises. Guest hereby agrees to pay Black Hills Retreats the replacement value thereof, which amount will be determined by Black Hills Retreats. Guest will promptly report any and all damages, thefts, losses or injuries occurring during the term of Guest’s stay. ________

10. Check in time is 4pm Mountain Time. Check in instructions along with directions to the property will be provided one week prior to your arrival. _________

11. Check out time is 10am Mountain Time. Late check outs are assessed a $150 fee. Checks out instructions are located at the property in the 3 ring binder. _________

12. Black Hills Retreats cannot control the mechanical performance of electronic equipment or appliances. If there is a mechanical failure Guest will promptly report any maintenance problems: do not try to correct the problem yourself. No refunds or discounts will be given in these instances. ________

13. Black Hills Retreats asks that Guest help to conserve our national resources. When towels are used more than once we conserve energy and water resources. Black Hills Retreats rental properties are not serviced by a maid daily. These services may be provided for an additional fee and prior arrangements must be made. Please place all bagged trash in outside receptacle. _________

14. Black Hills Retreats will not be held liable for damage, loss or injury or death resulting from negligence of Guest or friends of Guest. Further, we will not assume responsibility for loss, delay, or expense caused by weather or other circumstances beyond the control of Black Hills Retreats. Black Hills Retreats reserves the right to change accommodations without notice, up to and including the date of arrival, due to maintenance issues or sale of home. Black Hills Retreats will attempt to provide similar accommodations or upgrade at no additional charge. _______

15. Upon notice, Black Hills Retreats may enter the leased premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of general inspections, maintenance and repairs. _______

16. Guest shall not obstruct common rights of way. Further, vehicles shall not be parked or driven except on roadways, approaches and driveways. ATV’s and snowmobiles and the like are permitted only to gain access to and from the premises and are not to be driven on other properties or the Mickelson Trail. Loud noises or excessive speeds will not be tolerated. Noise Ordinances are enforced by the Sherriff’s Department. Noise shall be kept to a minimum after the hour of 10 pm mountain time. You will be asked to immediately vacate the property and will forfeit the rental fee if noncompliant. DO NOT PARK ANY VEHICLE IN THE YARD OR GRASS. _______



Amount Paid: $

_______________________ _______________________

Signature Date Signature Date

Please return ASAP to PO Box 56 Hill City, SD 57745, or email to

The cost for the Travel Insurance for your reservation is $

All Seasons Travel Plan information page:

Coverage questions call: 877-249-5376

Purchase link:


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